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If you take a step, you lift your foot and put it down in a different place,
for example when you are walking.
I took a step towards him... She walked on a few steps... He heard steps in the corridor.

If you step on something or step in a particular direction, you put your foot
on the thing or move your foot in that direction.
This was the moment when Neil Armstrong became the first man to step on the Moon...
She accidentally stepped on his foot on a crowded commuter train...

Steps are a series of surfaces at increasing or decreasing heights, on which you put your feet
in order to walk up or down to a different level.
This little room was along a passage and down some steps...
A flight of stone steps leads to the terrace.

A step is a raised flat surface in front of a door.
A little girl was sitting on the step of the end house...

A step is one of a series of actions that you take in order to achieve something.
He greeted the agreement as the first step towards peace...
She is not content with her present lot and wishes to take steps to improve it...

A step in a process is one of a series of stages.
The next step is to put the theory into practice... = stage

The steps of a dance are the sequences of foot movements which make it up.
= movement

Someone's step is the way they walk.
He quickened his step...

If you stay one step ahead of someone or something, you manage to achieve more than
they do or avoid competition or danger from them.
Successful travel is partly a matter of keeping one step ahead of the crowd...

If people who are walking or dancing are in step, they are moving their feet
forward at exactly the same time as each other.
If they are out of step, their feet are moving forward at different times.
They were almost the same height and they moved perfectly in step...

If people are in step with each other, their ideas or opinions are the same.
If they are out of step with each other, their ideas or opinions are different.
Moscow is anxious to stay in step with Washington...

If you tell someone to step on it, you are telling them to go faster or hurry up. (INFORMAL)
We've only got thirty-five minutes so step on it. = get a move on

If you do something step by step, you do it by progressing gradually from one stage to the next.
I am not rushing things and I'm taking it step by step...
Follow our simple step-by-step instructions.

If someone tells you to watch your step, they are warning you to be careful about
how you behave or what you say so that you do not get into trouble.
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