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good qualities that people have-2.

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Patient. I always try to be patient and I don’t enjoy being around other people who are not. 1-Нет никакого смысла in winding yourself up and making yourself nervous. In the end, you will 2-осознаете it anyway that it’s absolutely unnecessary. I see people 3-сердятся easily if there is a line at the cashier or in the post office and they 4-должны wait. I take things easy. I don’t get emotionally involved. I know that 5-раньше или позже the line will move and it’s going to be my turn. I use public transportation quite often, and most people start to get impatient when they can’t find a seat. I think it’s absolutely unnecessary. If you 6-жалуетесь, you will only 7-навредите to yourself. When I’m driving and get a red light, I wait patiently 8-пока он не changes, although sometimes 9-кажется,-что-воспринимается-как hours before it does. I am patient at work too. I don’t like to rush or get flustered.

__ patience

Reliable. I am reliable. That’s how I was 10-воспитан. If I promise something, I’ll do it. You know I am a building contractor and it’s a must that you are reliable. If I wasn’t reliable, I wouldn’t have work. I know a person who is a building contractor too but he hardly has any jobs. He’s managed to earn a bad reputation for himself because he 11-жульничал с many of his customers. He 12-просил money from them upfront but then he was late on the work and the quality was bad as well. Some of his customers even took him to court.
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