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Zumba — танцевальная фитнесс-программа.

из американского сообщества "Один Мой День"
под катом один день америкнанской девушки, которая борется с излишним весом
танцами и едой, её бес-комплесков-look в зеркале ванной комнаты,
немножко кота и гостей, и достаточно много еды.

Оригинал взят у pennywhistle в post

A Day in the Life - Thursday, 12/27/12

Early morning

Bed for one. Boyfriend and I broke up right after Thanksgiving. I'm still grieving pretty hard.

For our Hannukah presents, my mom is sending one of my best friends to visit for a few days to help cheer me up.

Ready for work (affirmations taped to the mirror)

Prep breakfast. Not eating a lot lately.

Zumba and dance music are the only things I can listen to right now without crying

Arrive at work

Check C's flight status

My shift supervisor declares it is so cold, she can only be warm by hugging the oven.

Get home, take out recycling

Double-check new flight arrival time before heading to the airport

Sunny, but cold!


Lunch is exciting

Bathroom self pic

Target run since I don't have any guest pillows

Back home, Bat is obnoxious

She brought me presents!

A little bit later, we meet up with spryng and sarahfish for dinner

spryng has just received ALL of the hot sauces

sarahfish wrangles cats

We wanted to eat here, but it was over an hour wait for a table. I underestimated how much people do not want to cook after Christmas

So we go here, where they have taken my favorite dish off the menu! :-(

There are gin-soaked olives

I'm lucky to still have people who care

Stop for booze mixers

Delicious sorbet drink with whipped cream vodka

To the future

Watch some Parks and Rec with a kitty in my lap, then bed.

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