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сокращения и аббревиатуры в английском - все

сокращения и аббревиатуры в английском. все


I'd --- I had / I would --- Example: I'd leave now.
OR I'd already eaten by the time he arrived.
--- если 'd + инфинитив = would --- I'd go.
--- если + ed / 3 столбик = had --- I'd done.

I'm --- I am --- Example: I'm waiting for my friend.
I'll --- I will --- Example: I'll see you tomorrow.
I've --- I have --- Example: I've worked here for many years.

You're --- You are --- Example: You're joking!
You'll --- You will --- Example: You'll be sorry!
You'd --- You had / would --- Example: You'd left before he arrived, hadn't you? OR You'd better hurry up.
You've --- You have --- Example: You've been to London many times.
He's --- He is / has --- Example: He's on the phone now. OR He's been playing tennis since 10 this morning.
He'll --- He will --- Example: He'll be here tomorrow.
He'd --- He had / would --- Example: He'd prefer to meet you later in the week. OR He'd finished before the meeting began.

She's --- She is / has --- Example: She's watching TV at the moment. OR She's had a lot of trouble lately.
She'll --- She will --- Example: She'll be at the meeting.
She'd --- She had / would --- Example: She'd been working for two hours when he telephoned. OR She'd like to have a glass of wine.
It's --- It is / has --- Example: It's been long time since we saw each other last. OR It's very difficult to concentrate.
It'll --- It will --- Example: It'll be here soon.
It'd --- It would / had --- Example: It'd be difficult to say no. OR It'd been a long time.

We're --- We are --- Example: We're working hard on the Smith account this week.
We'll --- We will --- Example: We'll begin when he arrives.
We'd --- We had / would --- Example: We'd better hurry up if we want to catch the train. OR We'd finished the meeting before you arrived.
We've --- We have --- Example: We've been waiting for you!

They're --- They are --- Example: They're studying German this afternoon.
They'll --- They will --- Example: They'll finish soon if they concentrate.
They'd --- They had / would --- Example: They'd eaten their lunch when she stopped by to say hello. OR They'd rather not come to the meeting.

They've --- They have --- Example: They've just purchased a new home.
There's --- There is / has --- Example: There's a hotel in the next town. OR There's been too many telephone calls today!
There'll --- There will --- Example: There'll be a price to pay!
There'd --- There had / would --- Example: There'd better be a good explanation for this. OR There'd be some reason for that.

That's --- That is / has --- Example: That's been on my mind lately. OR That's why I can't come.
That'll --- That will --- Example: That'll happen sooner than you think.
That'd --- That had / would --- Example: That'd be the reason why. OR That'd happened before my time.

aren't --- are not --- Example: They aren't coming next week.
can't --- can not --- Example: I can't understand you.
couldn't --- could not --- Example: He couldn't get his shoes on!

didn't --- did not --- Example: We didn't visit Rome. We went straight to Florence.
doesn't --- does not --- Example: He doesn't play golf.
don't --- do not --- Example: They don't like cheese.

hadn't --- had not --- Example: I hadn't thought of that!
hasn't --- has not --- Example: She hasn't telephoned yet.

isn't --- is not --- Example: She isn't listening to you.
mustn't --- must not --- Example: Children mustn't play with fire.
needn't --- need not --- Example: You needn't worry about that.
shouldn't --- should not --- Example: You shouldn't smoke cigarettes.

wasn't --- was not --- Example: I wasn't joking when I said that.
weren't --- were not --- Example: They weren't invited to the party.
won't --- will not --- Example: I won't be able to attend the conference.
wouldn't --- would not --- Example: She wouldn't be surprised if he showed up at the party.

arr. (arrival) - прибытие
dep. (departure) - отбытие
* come - go - arrive - leave. разница

p. (page) - страница
pp. (pages) - страницы
p.t.o. (please turn over) - перелистните, смотрите на обороте
e.g. (for example - от латинского exempli gratia) - например
etc (от лат. etcetera) - и так далее
par. (paragraph) - параграф, раздел

a.m. (от лат. ante meridiem) - до полудня, в утренние часы
p.m. (от лат. post meridiem) - после полудня, пополудни
i.e. (от лат. id est) - то есть
A.D. (от лат. Anno Domini) - нашей эры, после Рождества Христова
B.C. (от лат. before Christ) - до нашей эры, до Рождества Христова
* 70 латинских фрaз для гравировки нa обручальные кольца

Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec. - месяцы
Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun. - дни недели
* Aнглийские даты произносятся не так, как они пишутся

in. (inch) - дюйм
sec. (second) - секунда
gm. (gram) - грамм
cm. (centimetre) - сантиметр
qt (quart) - кварта
cc (cubic centimetre) - кубический сантиметр
m.p.h. (miles per hour) - миль в час
kph (kilometres per hour) - км. в час

ft. (foot) - фут (30 см 48 мм)
lb (libra) - либра (400 гр)
oz (ounce) - унция (28 гр)
Tel. (telephone) - телефон
No., no. (number) - номер

AC (alternating current) - переменный ток
DC (direct current) - постоянный ток
a/c (account current) - текущий счет
ad (advertisement) - объявление
app. (от лат. appendix) - приложение

POTUS - President of the United States
Co. (company) - компания, общество; (county) - округ, графство
Ltd. (limited) - компания с ограниченной ответственностью
C.O.D. (cash on delivery) - наложенным платежом
deg. (degree) - степень
Dept. (department) - отдел; управление
Ed. (editor) - редактор; (edition) - издание
esp. (especially) - особенно
F.A.P. (First Aid Post) - пункт первой помощи
hr (hour) - час
Hy (heavy) - тяжелый
EOB (end of business) - конец рабочего дня

ib.; ibid. (от лат. ibidem) - там же
id. (от лат. idem) - то же самое
IOU (I owe you) - долговая расписка
ital. (italics) - курсив
N.S. (new style) - новый стиль
obs. (obsolete) - устаревший
p.c. (per cent) - процент %
pl. (plural) - множественное число
quot. (quotation) - цитата

Sr. (senior) - старший
Jr. (junior) - младший
vy (very) - очень
wt (weight) - вес
attract. (attractive) - привлекательный
corresp. (correspondent) - ведущий переписку
div. (divorced) - разведен(а)
f'ship (friendship) - дружба
gd-lkng (good-looking) - привлекательный
gent (gentleman) - мужчина
gfrnd (girlfriend) - подруга

med (medium) - среднего роста
mting (meeting) - встреча
N/D (no-drinker) - непьющий
N/S (no-smoker) - некурящий
pls (please) - пожалуйста
poss. (possible) - возможно
U (you) - ты
LTR (long-term relationship) - длительные отношения
WLTM (would like to meet) - хотел(а) бы встретиться
yr (years) - год, годы
c/o (care of) - заботиться о
Mr (Mister) - обращение к мужчине
Mrs (Mistres) - обращение к замужней женщине
Ms (Miss) - обращение к девушке

sis (sister) - сестра
Dr., doc (doctor) - доктор
GP (general practitioner) - практикующий врач
telly (television) - телевизор
phone (telephone) - телефон
vator (elevator) - лифт
zine (magazine) - журнал
specs (spectacles) - очки
fridge (refrigeration) - холодильник
flu (influenza) - грипп
comfy (comfortable) - удобный
imposs (impossible) - невозможный
mizzy (miserable) - жалкий

St (Street) - улица
Rd (Road) - дорога
Pref. (preface) - предисловие
P.S. (от лат. post scriptum) - послесловие, постскриптум
w/o (without) - без
w/ (with) - с

n. (noun) - cуществительное
v. (verb) - глагол
adj. (adjective) - прилагательное
adv. (adverb) - наречие
prep. (preposition) - предлог
conj. (conjunction) - союз

A/S/L/P--Age/Sex/Location/Picture (какой у тебя возраст/пол/откуда ты/скинь фото)
A3--Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (в любом месте, где угодно, когда угодно)
ADR--Address (адрес)
AEAP--As Early As Possible (как можно раньше)
AFK--Away From Keyboard (отошел от компьютера)
ASAP--As Soon As Possible (как можно скорее)
Aight--All right (все в порядке)
AITR--Adult In The Room (взрослый в комнате)
ALAP--As Late As Possible (как можно позже)
ALTG--Act Locally, Think Globally (действуй локально, мысли глобально)
ASL--Age/Sex/Location (возраст / пол / место жительства)

B&F--Back and Forth (назад и вперед)
B/C--Because (потому что)
B4--Before (до)
B4N--Bye For Now (пока)
B4U--Before You (после тебя)
BI5--Back In Five (вернусь через 5 минут)
BON--Believe it Or Not (верь или нет)
BRB--Be Right Back (сейчас вернусь)
BRT--Be Right There (буду рядом)
BZ--Busy (занят)

CD9--Code 9 - it means parents are around
(код 9 - означает, что рядом родители)
CT--Can't Talk (не могу говорить)
CTA--Call To Action (призыв к действию)
CTO--Check This Out (проверь это)
CUL8R--See You Later (увидимся позже)
CY--Calm Yourself (успокойся)
CYE--Check your Email (проверь почту)
CYL--See You Later (увидимся позже)
CYM--Check Your Mail (проверь почту)
CYO--See You Online (увидимся в онлайне)
CYT--See You Tomorrow (увидимся завтра)
D&M--Deep & Meaningful (серьезное и значимое)
d/c--Disconnected (отсоединен)
FTF--Face to face ("лицом к лицу" - личная встреча)

G2B--Going to bed (собираюсь спать)
G2G —Got to go (надо идти)
GBH--Great big hug (огромное большое объятие)
GBY--God bless you (Будьте здоровы)
GL--Good luck (удачи)
H&K--Hug and kiss (обнимаю и целую)
HAND--Have a nice day (хорошего дня)
HOAS--Hold on a second (продержись секунду)
J/K--Just kidding (шучу)
KMA--Kiss my ass (иди в жопу)
LOL-- Laughing out loud (вслух смеясь)

M/F - Male or Female (твой пол мужской или женский?)
OIC--Oh, I see (я понимаю)
P@H or PAH--Parents at home (родители дома)
PAL--Parents Are Listening (родители слушают)
PAW--Parents are watching (родители смотрят)
PLZ--Please (пожалуйста)
RU/18--Are You Over 18? (тебе больше 18?)
SRY--Sorry (извини)
SYS--See you soon (до скорой встречи)

W8AM--Wait a minute (подожди минуту)
WAY or WAU--What about you (как на счет тебя)
WBS--Write back soon (отвечу скоро)
WB--Welcome back (добро пожаловать обратно, с прибытием)
WP--Wrong person (не тот человек)
WTF--What The F*** (какого черта)
WU--What's up? (что случилось?)
YL--Young lady (юная леди)

=w=--Whatever (любой, какой-либо)
*G*--Giggle or grin (хихикать или улыбаться)
*H*--Hug (обнимаю)
*K* —Kiss (целую)
*S*— Smile (улыбаюсь)
*T*--Tickle (щекочу)
*W*--Wink (подмигиваю)

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