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учитесь писать письма грамотно.

в любом языке в зависимости от того, насколько грамотно мы напишем письмо, настолько нужный и полный получим результат. как-то я помогал поучить американское гражданство двум украинским братьям. мы поехали в посольство, собрав документы. меня туда не пустили. и был получен отказ по 1-му брату, которому явно светило гражданство. "ну не положено вам. уходите".
мой заказчик дал задание изложить суть дела письменно. я написал на 2-х страницах и добавил, что напишу жалобу на посольство, если они будут упрямиться, указав адрес их вышестоящей инстанции. на следующей неделе братья поехали в посольство. по прочтении письма 1-му брату было предложено принять присягу. и он получил паспорт США. 2-й брат получил это чуть позже.

How to write Get-well-soon Letters. when you set out to write a get-well-soon letter, write with your heart and not your mind. Try to enforce on your mind why the person is important to you and write with feeling. The results will always be good.
Perhaps the question that is looming in your head is how do I start such a letter? Your greeting should show that the person you are writing to is very dear to you. You could write: Dear Emma, Or Dearest Emma.

Always mention the person’s name. Even if you are writing to your teacher, or your Boss, it is always a good idea to mention the person’s name. Dear Boss, or Dear Madam would sound very impersonal. You could appropriately write: Dear Miss Ann Or Dear Mr. Doe

Truth is, even your boss, who's lying sick in the hospital bed, would like to see that you regard him as a friend, and not just as your boss.
In you opening paragraph, you have to show that you are sad that the person is ill. But immediately follow that up with sentiments that inspire hope of recovery. You could write, for instance:
Dear Mr. Doe,
I am very sorry to learn that you are ill. I hope, however, that this letter will cheer you up and make you feel a bit better

The body of the letter

The get-well-soon letter should not be too long. Considering that the person is ill, they will most likely not be able to read it if it is too long.

In your body, you may:

- State that you miss the person.
- Give evidence to show that the person matters and that they are needed.
- State that you are thinking about her always and perhaps praying for her.
- Recite an event in the past which you are certain will cheer her up.

For example, you could write:

We greatly miss you at work. Things are not just the same without you around. Everyone seems to be disorganized and confused. For example, yesterday, a client came and we spent close to half an hour trying to figure out how to operate the printer. If you were around, you would have done it in a flash.

And you could add:

Ever since I learnt that you are ill, I’ve been praying for your speedy recovery. We need you back soonest!

One word of caution though: your words of affection should never be feigned or made up. They should be genuine. People are often able tell when you are making certain things up. If you are not careful, your apparently good gesture may be viewed in a bad light and do the opposite of encouraging. So be honest, sincere, and positive.

Your conclusion

Your conclusion should not only be affectionate, but should also reinforce your hope that the person will recover soon:

I am certain that you will be on your feet in no time. I truly look forward to your recovery. Get well soon, Jessica!

Are you now ready to write your get-well-soon letter? Start right now and put a smile on your friend’s face. Here is a sample of a get-well-soon letter. In this letter, a pupil writes to his sick teacher. Take note of how he does it.

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