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10 фраз, раздражающих умных американцев (с) Quora.com

10 фраз, раздражающих умных американцев

1. Free gift - a gift is free. Even worse is "free gift with purchase".

2. I'm not racist but.... This phrase, in my experience, is only used to preface a racist statement-утверждение

3. Almost infinite. Sorry, but you can't be almost infinite. 1,000,000 is no closer to infinite than 1 is.

4. Literally-буквально - "literally, there is smoke coming out of my ears". No. If there were smoke coming out of your ears you would be dead and unable to speak. Figuratively, literally drives me crazy.

5. Irregardless. Is this less or more regardless than regardless-несмотря-на?

6. Obviously-очевидно (and similar words) used in textbooks and lectures. If it's obvious to the reader, then he/she knows it is obvious. If not, then you have insulted-оскорбили your readers.

7. Enormity when used as a synoynmy for "hugeness". Enormity means a really bad thing, not a really big thing.

8. Actually. I have never actually seen a sentence that could be improved with the use of the word "actually".

actually - вообще-то, говорим, когда корректируем высказывание собеседника
Hi, Vadim. - Actually, I'm Vladimir.
Или даем знать, что сейчас сообщим что-то несколько неожиданное:
Did you see him? - Yes, actually, we had a long discussion.
* Вообще: ever - actually - in general - generally. разница

9. Like when used as filler. I once overheard two girls (teens) speaking. One said "I know he like likes me, but does he, like, like me like me or does he just, like, like me?"
* Filler Phrases: чтобы потянуть время и дать себе возможность вспомнить

10. I don't want to be rude but.... If you don't want to be rude, stop talking. If you do want to be rude, then start talking but without this phrase. * 9 советов правильно говорить НЕТ. Ru

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