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что КАСАЕТСЯ кофе, timing is everything - 5 способов сказать это

когда речь заходит о... / касательно / относительно ...

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под катом другие варианты и сам текст касательно кофе.

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There's nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning. Roasted to perfection, freshly brewed, and of course -- piping hot. But Michael Phillips, director of training for Blue Bottle Coffee, says that
we're taking that first sip a little too hastily.

Phillips explains why when it comes to coffee, timing is everything.
First rule: Don't let your coffee sit in the pot for too long.

"The fresh off the pot is always absolute best, but it sort of depends on your equipment," he says. If you have a traditional coffee maker that keeps the pot warm with a heating pad, pour your coffee as soon as it's brewed. "You want to get it right away because that hot surface is just going to cause coffee quality to break down," Phillips says.

If you brew your coffee in a thermal carafe, on the other hand, Phillips says you get a little extra buffer time. "Twenty to 30 minutes out you can still get a decent cup out of it," he says.

Once you have that perfect cup poured, Phillips has a second rule that may be a little controversial for the serious coffee drinkers among us: Let it sit for a minute.

"If you have a really nice cup of coffee -- you've got some great beans in there and it's absolutely delicious -- when it's really hot, you're not going to get the full flavor profile," Phillips explains. "As it cools down you'll see it become a little sweeter, a little more articulate."

In short, take a beat before you slug down that first mug.
"Let it cool down, relax, take a deep breath, read the paper," Phillips says.

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