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8 и 10 вещей не для женских ушей...

под катом - текст "10 вещей, которые никогда не стоит говорить женщине".
плюс 10 предложений на *перевод.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman. By Jessica Murphy

Madame, that is the ugliest nose I have ever seen, and I compliment you on it —
it suits you!
Peter Sellers, "The Pink Panther"

It's true: Some comments are better left unsaid. But as a sophisticated (утончённый) man of the 21st century, you already know this. You know you're not supposed to (предполагается, что) comment on your girlfriend's weight, or tell her that her friends are hot. And you know she probably feels the same way you do about the phrase, "Can we still be friends?"

Additionally, you've found that honesty, while valued in most situations, can sometimes offend (оскорбить). We understand that the female psyche can be complicated, and we're here to demystify what may seem like strategically placed trapdoors.
Here are 10 things most women don't want to hear:

*Дополнительная информация доступна на www…

1) "What did you do to your hair?" "I like your new haircut" is infinitely better (бесконечно лучше), and shows you're paying attention. It's also far (намного) superior (превосходящий) to the generic "You look different".

*Что с тобой случилось? – Не обращай внимания. Это не имеет значение.

2) "They both look the same to me." We understand you care a lot less than we do about the outfits or the registry dishware we're asking you to compare. But they can't possibly look exactly the same, can they? Give us something. Anything.

If you care about something, you feel that it is important and are concerned (озабочены) about it.           «...a company that cares about the environment».   *Его не интересуют дети.

3) "Relax." Тhis generally creates the opposite effect you're shooting for. When you say "Relax," this makes us do anything but (кроме) relax.

4) "I've got it all under control." Ha! Famous last words. Refrain from (воздержитесь от) using them if you don't want us to take fiendish delight in your getting lost because you won't stop if you're missing a piece to your flat-screen television because you said you didn't need to read the assembly instructions.

A fiendish plan, action, or device is very clever or imaginative. (INFORMAL)

Delight is a feeling of very great pleasure. If you are delighted, you are extremely pleased and excited about something.  «I know Frank will be delighted to see you». *Ты будешь в восторге услышать, как она поёт!

5) "You're not one of those feminists, are you?"
Feminist or not, a woman is likely to
(веротяно) be offended by the question. Just be yourself. Be kind, open the door, offer to pay, and go from there. We can choose to accept or share in your generosity (щедрость).

If you offend someone, you say or do something rude (грубое) which upsets or embarrasses them. If something upsets you, it makes you feel worried or unhappy.  *Вероятно, он придёт после обеда.

6) "When are you due (должная)?" Take one second to imagine a woman turning to you and responding, "I'm not pregnant (беременная)," or "I had the baby six months ago," and you'll understand why you should eradicate (выкорчевать) this question from your vocabulary. *Итак, «да» или «нет». Нельзя быть наполовину беременным.

7) "You're being emotional." In the heat of the moment this may be true. But unless (если только не...) you want your partner to become more emotional or get angry, you're better off keeping this observation and its follow-up question—"Is it that time of month?"—to yourself. *Мы пойдём на прогулку, если только не пойдёт дождь.

8) "You're acting just like your mother/my mother/my ex-girlfriend."
All three are problematic. An ex should be mentioned sparingly, and never in comparison (в сравнении). Why would we want to remind (напоминать) you of a person you broke up with? Why are you thinking about her? You see the slippery slope. We want you to treat us (обращаться с) as individuals and not as mere products of your (or our) upbringing.

Someone who is sparing with something uses it or gives it only in very small quantities. If someone is on a slippery slope, they are involved in a course of action that is difficult to stop and that will eventually lead to failure or trouble.   If you treat someone or something in a particular way, you behave towards them or deal with them in that way. « Artie treated most women with indifference». «I got treated as if I was a bit brainless». *Не обращайся со мной, как (as) с идиоткой.

9) "You complete me."
We've seen "Jerry Maguire" and most other romantic comedies far more often than you, and they usually fail (проваливаются, не срабатывают) in real life. We understand that the possibility of romance makes inexplicable  things come out of a man's—and sometimes a woman's—mouth, but keep the compliments real and honest and sincere and say you love someone when you mean it. If something is inexplicable, you cannot explain why it happens or why it is true.  = incomprehensible

10) "Do you really think you should be eating that?" Yes. She should be eating it. Even if she told you she's given it up. An occasion is an important event, ceremony, or celebration. An occasion for doing something is an opportunity for doing it. (FORMAL) «It is an occasion for all the family to celebrate».

*Она бросила-перестала есть мороженное. Если только нет особого повода.

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