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эффективный: efficient - effective - resultant - resultative

ответ на * вчерашний тест на понимание разницы - под катом

If something or someone is efficient, they are able to do tasks
successfully, without wasting time or energy.
With today's more efficient contraception women can plan their families and careers.

Something that is effective works well and produces the results that were intended.
The project looks at how we could be more effective in encouraging students to
enter teacher training... Simple antibiotics are effective against this organism...

Resultant means caused by the event just mentioned. (FORMAL)
At least a quarter of a million people have died
in the fighting and the resultant famines
. = consequent, ensuing

resultative - нет такого слова

effective - efficient - resultant - resultative. разница

переведите. Считаться сумасшедшим теми, кто всё ещё черезмерно-heavily
культурно обусловлен - это комплимент. (с)

* big - large. little - small. разница * speak - talk - tell - say. разница
* как отвечать кратко: yes, I am / do / can * speak or talk TO - speak or talk WITH. разница
* недавно: recently - lately. разница * THIS is a pen. - IT is a pen. разница
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