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хороший рассказ о себе с субтитрами и под музыку.

хорошее и четкое произношение у девушки
сначала старайтесь не смотреть на субтитры.
под катом - толкование слов, которые могут быть для кого-то сложными.

At a university or college in the United States, a student's major is
the main subject that they are studying.
English majors would be asked to explore the roots of language.

If a student at a university or college in the United States majors in
a particular subject, that subject is the main one they study.
He majored in finance at Claremont Men's College in California.

If you treat someone or something in a particular way, you behave
towards -по отношению к- them or deal with them in that way.
Artie treated most women with indifference...
Police say they're treating it as a case of attempted murder...
She adored Paddy but he didn't treat her well...

If you let someone down, you disappoint them, by not doing something
that you have said you will do or that they expected you to do.
Don't worry, Xiao, I won't let you down...
When such advisers fail in their duty, they let down the whole system.

Someone who is diligent works hard in a careful and thorough way.
Meyers is a diligent and prolific worker...

You can use actually when you are politely expressing an opinion
that other people might not have expected from you.
`Do you think it's a good idea to socialize with one's patients?'
—`Actually, I do, I think it's a great idea.'

If you get along with someone, you have a friendly relationship with them.
You can also say that two people get along.
It's impossible to get along with him...
They seemed to be getting along fine.

If you persuade someone to do something, you cause them to do it
by giving them good reasons for doing it.
My husband persuaded me to come...
They were eventually persuaded by the police to give themselves up.
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