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3 значения слова ATTACH и 2 смысла DETACH

ответ на * вчерашнее задание "Ничто никогда не длится вечно..."

nothing ever last forever 1

nothing ever last forever 2

If you attach something to an object, you join it or fasten it to the object.
The gadget can be attached to any vertical surface...
The astronauts will attach a motor that will boost the satellite into its proper orbit...
For further information, please contact us on the attached form.

If people attach a quality to someone or something, or if it attaches to them,
people consider that they have that quality.
The authorities attached much significance to his visit.
...the magic that still attaches to the word `spy'.
...the stigma attached to mental illness.

If you attach conditions to something such as an agreement, you state that specific
things must be done before the agreement is valid.
Activists are pressing the banks to attach political conditions
to the signing of any new agreement...

In computing, if you attach a file to a message that you send to someone,
you send it with the message but separate from it.
It is possible to attach executable program files to e-mail.

If you detach one thing from another that it is fixed to, you remove it.
If one thing detaches from another, it becomes separated from it. (FORMAL)
Detach the white part of the application form and keep it...
It is easy to detach the currants from the stems...
There was an accident when the towrope detached from the car.

If you detach yourself from something, you become less involved in it
or less concerned about it than you used to be.
It helps them detach themselves from their problems and become more objective.

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