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10 способов потролить китайцев (с) Quora.com

10 способов потролить китайцев

- Ask them to make you sushi.
- Compliment them for the great things Samsung makes.
- Ask them if they know kung fu. (Make a Bruce Lee noise in case they don't seem to know
what you mean. Or even if they do. Don't forget the karate chop motion!)
- Ask them to do your math homework.
- Prove to them that you're down with the Chinese by telling them about this one "friend" you have ... who's Vietnamese. Ask if they know your "friend," refuse to accept "no" for an answer.
- Speak English to them VERY ... LOUDLY ... and SLOWLY. Nod a lot for no apparent reason as you do so.
- Ask a mainlander why China doesn't just leave Taiwan alone.
- Ask a person from Taiwan why Taiwan doesn't just accept Chinese rule.
- Wrinkle your nose at whatever it is that they're eating
- Mistake a Hong Kong person for a mainlander (c) источник

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