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8 групп ходовых синонимов плюс

разница между contemporary - current - recent.

8 групп синонимов

Contemporary things are modern and relate to the present time.
She writes a lot of contemporary music for people like Whitney Houston...
Only the names are ancient; the characters are modern and contemporary.

Current means happening, being used, or being done at the present time.
The current situation is very different to that in 1990...
He plans to repeal a number of current policies...

* current - это поток, то есть текущий

A recent event or period of time happened only a short while ago.
In the most recent attack one man was shot dead and two others were wounded...
Sales have fallen by more than 75 percent in recent years.

* big - large. little - small. разница * speak - talk - tell - say. разница
* как отвечать кратко: yes, I am / do / can * speak or talk TO - speak or talk WITH. разница
* недавно: recently - lately. разница * THIS is a pen. - IT is a pen. разница
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