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крайне большой и крайне маленький - английские синонимы

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If you describe something as immense, you mean that it is extremely large or great.
...an immense cloud of smoke. With immense relief I stopped running. = enormous

If something is overwhelming, it affects you very strongly,
and you do not know how to deal with it.
She felt an overwhelming desire to have another child.

You use gross to describe something unacceptable or unpleasant to a very great
amount, degree, or intensity. ...an act of gross injustice.

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Something or someone that is tiny is extremely small. The living room is tiny.

If you describe something as teeny, you are emphasizing that it is very small. (INFORMAL)
...little teeny bugs. = tiny

Something that is imperceptible is so small that it is not noticed or cannot be seen.
Brian's hesitation was almost imperceptible.

If you describe something as minuscule, you mean that it is very small.
The film was shot in 17 days, a minuscule amount of time. = minute

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* a lot - a lot of. a bit - a bit of. a bit - a little * little - a little - few - a few * a lot of - much - many. разница
* EACH - EVERY * my - mine, your - yours. разница
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