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ДОСТИЧЬ чего-то: achieve - gain - reach. разница

ответ на вчерашнее задание:

Do you have clear goals for your future

сначала толкования из словаря, потом я своими словами:

If you achieve a particular aim or effect, you succeed in doing it or
causing it to happen, usually after a lot of effort.
There are many who will work hard to achieve these goals...
We have achieved what we set out to do.

If a person or place gains something such as an ability or quality, they gradually get more of it.
Students can gain valuable experience by working on the campus radio or magazine...
While it has lost its tranquility, the area has gained in liveliness.

When someone or something reaches a place, they arrive there.
He did not stop until he reached the door...
He reached Cambridge shortly before three o'clock.

If something reaches a place, point, or level, it extends as far as that place, point, or level.
...a nightshirt which reached to his knees...
The water level in Lake Taihu has reached record levels...

If someone or something has reached a certain stage, level, or amount,
they are at that stage, level, or amount.
The process of political change in South Africa has reached the stage where it is irreversible...
We're told the figure could reach 100,000 next year.

кстати * почему после someone - they

achieve - это когда есть четкая граница ДА-НЕТ, достиг ты или нет.
gain - такой границы не имеет.
reach - тоже имеет границу, но эту границу можно описать цифрами.

в отношении цифр achieve и gain - подобны слову BIG
reach - подобно слову LARGE

переведите. Если ты улыбнешься мне, я пойму, потому что это нечто,
что каждый везде делает на одном и том же языке. (с)

* big - large - great. small - little. разница * fun - pleasure. разница
* little - a little - few - a few. разница * a lot of - much - many. разница
* 10 советов 30-тилетним от тех, кому за 40
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