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This Superfood Could Replace Caffeine & Viagra


Речь пойдет о корне маки перуанской. Далее я добавил информацию на русском. Я употребляю, мне нра). How Can Maca Benefit You?: Male: Increases energy - Treat sexual dysfunction, Loss of Libido - Increases stamina & athletic performance - Nourishes glandular system - Fertility enhancement - Improves physical and emotional well being - Promotes mental clarity - Balance hormones

Female: Treat PMS, Mood Swings - Menopause symptom relief - Sexual stimulation - Nourishes glandular system - Hormone Replacement Therapy alternative - Increases stamina & athletic performance - Increases energy - Balance hormones

Maca root grows in the mountains of Peru at high altitudes of 7,000 to 11,000 feet, making it the highest altitude growing plant in the world. Maca is a radish-like root vegetable that is related to the potato family, and is tuberous and spherical in form. The root itself is about three to six centimeters across and 4.7 centimeters in length. There are four recognized types of Maca Root based on the color of the root, which varies from creamy yellow or light pink to dark purple or black.


Maca is a nutritionally dense super-food that contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all of the essential amino acids. It is rich in B-vitamins, the energy vitamins, which makes the plant a great supplement for vegans and vegetarians. To boot, Maca has high levels of bio-available calcium and magnesium and is great for remineralization.

As a nutritional supplement, Peruvian Maca has generalized tonic effects on the biochemical functioning of the human body. Chief among these effects is the enhancement of endocrine function. The endocrine system includes all of the glands, and the hormones they secrete that exist in the body and that control such conditions as fertility, sexual function, digestion, brain and nervous system physiology, as well as energy levels. Hormonal regulation is responsible for all of the physiological attributes that enable us to enjoy the myriad sensations of being vibrantly alive, including those related to sexual arousal, physical activity and mental-emotional states of being. Maca root has also been called an adaptogen, which means that it increases the body’s ability to defend itself against both physical and mental weakening, hence potential illness. It is believed it achieves this by supporting adrenal and pituitary gland health, both of which underlie proper endocrine function.

It has been used by native Indians in Peru as a vital ingredient to health for thousands of years, dating back to around 3800 B.C. when Peruvian Indians cultivated and ate it for both its nutritional and medicinal value. Centuries later in 1549 A.D., records indicate that during his time in Peru, the Spanish explorer Captain de Soto received Maca from the Indians as a gift in return for his help in improving methods of animal husbandry in the Peruvian Castile region. By 1572, as Maca’s health-giving properties gained notoriety, the Chinchayochas Indians had begun using Maca root for barter. It was not until 1843 that this plant was studied by scientists and given the botanical name of Lepidium meyenii after German Botanist Gerhard Walpers.

Menopause is a natural progression in a woman’s life – it is the cessation of menses generally accompanied by symptoms. This transition is unique for every woman yet there are ways to prevent and diminish the symptoms that typically accompany menopause.


Diminished libido
Mood swing (blues & depression)
Migraines, memory problems
Lower energy levels
Acceleration of the aging process
Joint aches and pains
Bone pain
Vaginal dryness
Benefits of Maca Power: Energy – Balance – Vitality!
Increases libido
Deeper sleep
Balances moods
Enhances memory and brain function
Increases energy levels
Helps adapt to stress
Slows the aging process
Lessens aches and pain, more endurance and stamina
Prevents osteoporosis, high calcium and vegetable protein
Reverses vaginal dryness

How Does Maca Aid In Treating Menopause? First and foremost it balances the hormonal system. It works on the pituitary gland – the master gland – which regulates all hormone production in the body. Hot flashes are diminished; sleep is normalized while stress levels are reduced when incorporating Maca Power into a daily wellness routine. Peruvian Maca root encourages the body to produce its own hormones to restore balance, instead of introducing hormones to the body. It’s the simple, natural approach that brings a world of difference to women suffering from the sometimes debilitating symptoms.

Most of us are constantly looking for a potent source of energy to get us through our hectic week. For many, this comes in the form of caffeine from coffee or energy drinks. This type of fuel has its downfalls however, sometimes in the form of a “crash” mid afternoon, a headache from dehydration, or nausea if the stomach is empty. Beyond all of this, caffeine has a high instance of addiction, whether it be a physical or a habitual dependency. As a replacement for energy enhancers such as caffeine, Maca root has been gaining attention from health conscious consumers not only for its nutritional density, but also for its remarkable ability to replace some of today’s most common pharmaceuticals, including Viagra and Progesterone.

Although the evidence may be lacking, personal accounts of people’s positive experiences with Maca root are undeniable. Psychiatrist and functional medicine physician Hyla Cass, MD, says Maca works. “In my practice, I have seen Maca restore hormonal imbalance and related sexual desire and fertility in both men and women.”

Этот мощный энергетик и гормональный регулятор оказывает благотворное воздействие на организм человека благодаря высокому содержанию в нём питательных веществ. В состав маки перуанской входят все жизненно необходимые аминокислоты, протеины, витамины В1, В2, В12, С, Е и микроэлементы. Кроме того — такие жирные кислоты, как пальмитиновая, олеиновая и линолевая, и полисахариды. Несомненно, в этом богатстве и сосредоточена вся чудодейственная сила перуанского женьшеня, который выращивается на высокогорных плато Анд в центральной части Перу.

Поэтому мака считается ценным натуральным средством. Однако не стоит считать её заменителем кофе. На самом деле это не так. Спектр действия маки значительно шире по сравнению с кофе, которое просто бодрит и тонизирует:

усиливает фертильность у обоих полов;
наделяет организм энергией;
уменьшает хроническую усталость;
борется с признаками старения;
излечивает некоторые гормональные заболевания, например, бесплодие;
укрепляет иммунную систему;
повышает стрессоустойчивость;
восстанавливает функции мочевой системы.

Так что, как видите, чтобы продлить радость сексуальных отношений, обрести гармонию и силу, достаточно купить маку перуанскую. Согласитесь, это лучшая альтернатива таблеткам и синтетическим порошкам.

Но будьте осторожны: не стоит в вечернее время вместе с макой употреблять напитки, содержащие кофеин. Нужно учитывать последствия сильного возбуждающего эффекта, в противном случае бессонная ночь вам гарантирована. А вот утром напиток с волшебным корнем будет весьма кстати. Начните новый день с позитивной энергии, которую вам подарит мака!

Способ употребления: 1-2 чайные ложки маки добавлять в соки, воду, молоко, каши или сухие завтраки. Примечание: нежелательно употреблять маку натощак, в период беременности и кормления грудью.

* 250 гр. порошка маки стоит примерно 300 гривен / 900 руб. эффекты преувеличены,
но всё это есть. полагаю, что в свежем виде она ещё эффективней.
я купил британскую Harmonia Interna. польская SuroVital в два раза дешевле.

учите английский: на этом языке намного больше информации и намного меньше
комплексов и зашоренности постсоветского сознания.

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