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there comes

[без предлога в данном смысле. и с предлогом в других. 4 значения слова TREAT...]If you treat someone or something in a particular way, you behave towards them or deal with them in that way.
Artie treated most women with indifference...
Police say they're treating it as a case of attempted murder...
She adored Paddy but he didn't treat her well...

When a doctor or nurse treats a patient or an illness, he or she tries to make the patient well again.
Doctors treated her with aspirin... The boy was treated for a minor head wound...
An experienced nurse treats all minor injuries.

If something is treated with a particular substance, the substance is put onto or into it in order to clean it, to protect it, or to give it special properties.
About 70% of the cocoa acreage is treated with insecticide...
It was many years before the city began to treat its sewage.

If you treat someone to something special which they will enjoy, you buy it or arrange it for them.
She was always treating him to ice cream... Tomorrow I'll treat myself to a day's gardening...
If you want to treat yourself, the Malta Hilton offers high international standards.

* суть герундия * герундий или инфинитив после существительного?
* interested to do - interested in doing. разница * stop smoking - stop to smoke. разница
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