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4 случая, когда TIME будет с артиклем А

12.-countable-uncountable исчисляемыми и неисчисляемыми

все существительные бывают исчисляемыми и не-исчисляемыми.
это проявляется в следующих темах:
* little - a little - few - a few. разница * a lot of - much - many. разница
но некоторые существительные могут быть одновременно
исчисляемыми и не-исчисляемыми в своих разных значениях. одно из них - TIME.
в случае своей исчисляемости можно говорить a time.

If you say that something has been happening for a time, you mean that
it has been happening for a fairly long period of time.
He stayed for quite a time...
After a time they came to a pond.

You use time to refer to a period of time or a point in time, when you are describing what is happening then.
For example, if something happened at a particular time, that is when it happened.
If it happens at all times, it always happens.
We were in the same college, which was male-only at that time...
By this time he was thirty...
It was a time of terrible uncertainty...
Homes are more affordable than at any time in the past five years...
It seemed like a good time to tell her...

When you describe the time that you had on a particular occasion or during a particular
part of your life, you are describing the sort of experience that you had then.
Sarah and I had a great time while the kids were away...
She's had a really tough time the last year and a half...

You say at a time after an amount to say how many things or how much of something
is involved in one action, place, or group.
Beat in the eggs, one at a time...

ответ на вчерашнее задание:
[Будет / придет время, когда ты подумаешь, что всё окончено. Это будет начало...]there will come a time

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