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5 значений слова SPOIL

перевод Spoil yourself

после того как Царев выдвинул свою кандидатуру, его обвинили
в спойлерстве официального кандидата Добкина и исключили из партии. (c)

почти всегда заимствованное из английского языка слово получает shift в значении.
как это было со словом WORK OUT.

[кстати, 4 значения слова SHIFT...]If you shift something or if it shifts, it moves slightly-слегка.
He stopped, shifting his cane to his left hand...
He shifted from foot to foot...
The entire pile shifted and slid, thumping onto the floor.
...the squeak of his boots in the snow as he shifted his weight.

If someone's opinion, a situation, or a policy shifts or is shifted, it changes slightly.
Attitudes to mental illness have shifted in recent years...
The emphasis should be shifted more towards Parliament.

Shift is also a noun.
...a shift in government policy.

If someone shifts the responsibility or blame for something onto you, they unfairly make you responsible or make people blame you for it, instead of them.
It was a vain attempt to shift the responsibility for the murder to somebody else...

If a group of factory workers, nurses, or other people work shifts, they work for a set period before being replaced by another group, so that there is always a group working. Each of these set periods is called a shift. You can also use shift to refer to a group of workers who work together on a particular shift.
His father worked shifts in a steel mill.

If you spoil something, you prevent it from being successful or satisfactory.
It's important not to let mistakes spoil your life...
Peaceful summer evenings can be spoilt by mosquitoes.

If you spoil children, you give them everything they want or ask for. This is considered to have a bad effect on a child's character.
Grandparents are often tempted to spoil their grandchildren whenever they come to visit.

слово spoil

If you spoil yourself or spoil another person, you give yourself or them something nice as a treat or do something special for them.
Spoil yourself with a new perfume this summer...
Perhaps I could employ someone to iron his shirts, but I wanted to spoil him. He was my man.

If food spoils or if it is spoilt, it is no longer fit to be eaten.
We all know that fats spoil by becoming rancid...
Some organisms are responsible for spoiling food and cause food poisoning...

If someone spoils their vote, they write something illegal on their voting paper, usually as a protest about the election, and their vote is not accepted. (BRIT)
They had broadcast calls for voters to spoil their ballot papers...

* 3 значения слова OPTION * 4 значения слова PRIME
* gadget - device - mechanism - appliance. разница
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