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Fast vs. Quick. разница

fast - quick. разница

- fast is used when I talk about people or thing
- quick about action (c)

Fast: over a short period of time. The business has grown very fast.
Quick: done or happening in a short time. He took a quick glance over his shoulder.

Fast: doing or able to do something quickly
Quick: able to move fast or do something fast (c)

Quick is a measure of time
Fast is a measure of speed.
"My car did great at the drag races today. My quarter mile elapse time was
a quick 13.99 seconds, and my speed was a fast 102 mph". (с)

Fast - акцент на скорости процесса,
Quick - акцент на быстроте получения результата.

* almost - nearly - practically. разница * предложить: offer - suggest. разница
* WHETHER: 4 области применения * основной путь набора новых слов - вовсе не говорение
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