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Avoid Business Jargon At Work To Maintain Credibility

Avoid Business Jargon At Work

It may seem like it will make you sound knowledgeable, but Geoffrey James of weblog Inc. recommends avoiding jargon to command more respect at work and points out why it can make you look bad for using it:

Jargon aka "biz-blab" consists of hijacking normal words and using them in odd ways to make them sound "businessy." Example: "We're reaching out to our customer advocates to leverage a dialogue on...." While others who speak fluent biz-blab might not take notice or care, everyone else cringes and rolls their eyes.

Fix: Use words as they're defined in the dictionary. Example: "We're contacting our customers to discuss...." That way, you'll sound more like a professional and less like a cartoon businessperson. Don't make a bad impression by trying to sound like you know everything, just be straightforward and to the point. (c) Patrick Allan

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