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wander - wonder. разница

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If you wander in a place, you walk around there in a casual way, often without intending to go in any particular direction.
They wandered off in the direction of the nearest store...
Those who do not have relatives to return to are left to wander the streets and sleep rough.

If a person or animal wanders from a place where they are supposed to stay, they move away from the place without going in a particular direction.
Because Mother is afraid we'll get lost, we aren't allowed to wander far...
To keep their bees from wandering, beekeepers feed them sugar solutions.
= stray

If you wonder about something, you think about it, either because it interests you and you want to know more about it, or because you are worried or suspicious about it.
I wondered what that noise was...
`He claims to be her father,' said Max. `We've been wondering about him.'...
But there was something else, too. Not hard evidence, but it made me wonder.

If you wonder at something, you are very surprised about it or think about it in a very surprised way.
Walk down Castle Street, admire our little jewel of a cathedral, then wonder at the castle...
We all wonder you're still alive.

* I wonder - I ask myself. разница * go - leave. разница
* staff - stuff. разница * honest - frank - sincere. разница
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