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3 значения слова BLESS

bless - can - be able

переведите. Тебе была дана эта жизнь, потому что
ты достаточно сильный, чтобы жить ею. (с)

When someone such as a priest blesses people or things, he asks for God's favour and protection for them.
...asking for all present to bless this couple and their loving commitment to one another.

Bless is used in expressions such as `God bless' or `bless you' to express affection, thanks, or good wishes. INFORMAL, SPOKEN
`Bless you, Eva,' he whispered... God bless and thank you all so much.

You can say `bless you' to someone who has just sneezed. SPOKEN

When you sneeze, you suddenly take in your breath and then blow it down your nose noisily without being able to stop yourself, for example because you have a cold.

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