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5 значений слова SPACE


You use space to refer to an area that is empty or available. The area can be any size.
For example, you can refer to a large area outside as a large open space or to a small area between two objects as a small space.
Under the plan, bits of open space–fields, golf-course borders and small parks–will be preserved.
...cutting down yet more trees to make space for houses...
I had plenty of space to write and sew...
The space underneath could be used as a storage area...
List in the spaces below the specific changes you have made.

If you give someone space to think about something or to develop as a person, you allow them the time and freedom to do this.
You need space to think everything over... = room

The amount of space for a topic to be discussed in a document is the number of pages available to discuss the topic.
We can't promise to publish a reply as space is limited.

A space of time is a period of time.
They've come a long way in a short space of time...

Space is the area beyond the Earth's atmosphere, where the stars and planets are.
The six astronauts on board will spend ten days in space.
...launching satellites into space. ...outer space.

* advise - recommend - suggest. разница * gadget - device - mechanism - appliance. разница
* fake - pretend. разница * 30 признаков всесторонне развитого ребенка. EN
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