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If you apply for something such as a job or membership of an organization, you write a letter or fill in a form in order to ask formally for it.
I am continuing to apply for jobs...
They may apply to join the organization.

If you apply yourself to something or apply your mind to something, you concentrate hard on doing it or on thinking about it.
Faulks has applied himself to this task with considerable energy...
In spare moments he applied his mind to how rockets could be used to make money.

If something such as a rule or a remark applies to a person or in a situation, it is relevant to the person or the situation.
The convention does not apply to us...
The rule applies where a person owns stock in a corporation.

If you apply something such as a rule, system, or skill, you use it in a situation or activity.
The Government appears to be applying the same principle...
His project is concerned with applying the technology to practical business problems.

If you give up something, you stop doing it or having it.
Coastguards had given up all hope of finding the two divers alive.
...smokers who give up before 30.

* problem - trouble - concern - issue. разница
* EACH - EVERY. разница * fake - pretend. разница
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