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7 Signs Someone May Be Smarter Than You

7 Signs Someone May Be Smarter Than You

There is always someone out there who is smarter than you are. You may think that you are on top of your game and smarter than the average person, but look around and you will notice these signs of intelligence if you are looking for them. Smart people often show some of these signs or all of them, but most of us don’t even notice because we are too busy being self-absorbed. Smart people generally have these traits or do these things. Are you wondering now what these signs are? Read on to find out more, and it will all start to make perfect sense to you:

1. If the person is in a managerial position at your work or is a supervisor of staff, they will make every effort possible to help the people they supervise to become smarter. This could mean sending their staff to educational courses or teaching them new skills. The point is that smart people will work as hard as they can on this personal ‘project’ because it reflects on them when their people are smarter. If the outside world sees them improving their staff by helping them become smarter, that only works to reflect their own cleverness.

2. Smart people are often the most quiet people in the room. Smart people learned a long time ago that it is often better to remain quiet and seem smart than to open their mouths and remove all doubt. Smart people sit in a room and absorb as much information as they possibly can from the conversations going on around them. They take mental notes and learn lessons from the information they absorb, and they always listen to everything. The stupid people are the ones who talk incessantly without taking the time to listen to what other people have to say. Instead, they work hard to talk over everyone and drown out other conversations.

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3. Smart people tend to know a lot about a wide range of topics, and not just a few basic things. They know a lot of things that you know little about and may not have even heard of before. This is because they are genuinely interested in what everyone else is doing around them, not just what they are involved in. Smart people continually look for ways to educate themselves, learning more information about more things as often as they can. If they find something they do not quite understand, they will certainly take the time to find out more about that topic until they do understand it and can explain it to someone else in a meaningful way. They tend to read more books, watch more informative television programs and take educational courses in their free time to increase their knowledge and expand their skill sets as much as they can.

4. Smart people find a way to manage work, home life and outside interests very well so that they are always engaged and interested in everything they are doing. They also know how to have downtime so they don’t burn out or fail in their endeavors, and they never say “I can’t do it.” Many people marvel at how smart individuals seem to find time to ‘fit it all in,’ but they can’t quite figure out how they can do it, too. Smart people realize the value of balance in every area of their lives, and they ensure that they get enough rest, play and work into each day, maximizing every day they spend on the planet.

5. Smart people typically never make other people look stupid by mocking them or making them feel inferior. That’s because smart people know there is always someone smarter than them out there, too. When people get cocky and make other people look stupid, it only makes them seem like a bad person. Every smart person has been in the position where they were made to feel dumb, and they don’t want to do that to other people. Smart people do not take the opportunity to belittle others. Instead they lift people up when possible by helping them overcome an obstacle with knowledge.

6. Smart people usually have extensive educational backgrounds. Most of the time you would never know much about this unless you saw their resume, and most smart people are not going to flash theirs in your face. If you ask a smart person where they went to school, the answer will probably be a well-known college or university. They probably have a Master’s degree in one field, or even several. Smart people are often bored with one type of work, so they tend to engage in several careers over their lifetime. Sometimes a very smart person may be on a second or third career by the time they reach their forties, while many of us are still working on being great at what we have been doing for a while already.

7. When things go wrong for a smart person, they do not tend to dwell on that. This is because they are always thinking of ways out of these types of situations, and they can easily tackle a problem with a well-thought-out solution. A smart person’s brain is always working to help them to deal with anything that life throws at them – and good or bad, they will find a way to deal with every situation effectively.

You are probably thinking about who you know that exhibits some or all of these signs. The next time you’re in a group or crowd, study the people in the room and watch for these signs. You will be blown away when you start to be able to identify the smart people in the room. You might not have thought of them as smart in the past because they were quiet or never felt the need to prove their superior intellect, but now you can see right through them!

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