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тест на тему качества приготовления еды в понедельник

вот ответ на позавчерашнее задание на перевод:

Screen Capture #2514

это я взял из англоязычного блога,

[пост называется My pagan ass...]Once upon a time…long, long ago…I was a pagan. Now don’t get a fright or think I am a weirdo (although I am, I admit). I turned to paganism because gave me the chance to make up my own mind about my beliefs….and I will be honest… I loved it all. The rituals, the incantations, the candles and the black robes (mind you mine was white). Behind it all was the idea that I was taking time to do something for myself. So lighting the candles, creating a sacred circle and invoking angelic beings really gave me some peace. And for a while I was very diligent about creating that time for myself….but well, you know what happened next. It’s sad but rather predictable….I lost the plot and abandoned my pagan ways! I opted for a quick meditation as I bathed instead. Now there is nothing wrong with doing that. In fact meditation means different things to different people. A lady I once knew regarded running as her meditation. Anyway…the closet I come to performing a ritual these days are my home made purification rituals when I am having a seriously bad week. And they also take place in the bathroom…lol!

Yesterday a friend f mine asked my why rituals are relegated to things religious. “Why not regard putting on make up or eating as a ritual?” he asked. If I did that, he suggested, the experience itself would become something different altogether. In fact if I regarded my life as a ritual I would be living more consciously everyday. I would not drive to work mindlessly or shout at my daughter because I am in a bad mood. His words really hit home. I wake up everyday…without really thinking about how I would like my day to turn out. I do not set intentions or even take the time to think about what I would like to have for lunch! Yes, I had lost the plot completely. And here I am thinking that if I recite a few words over and over (with enthusiasm) my life is going to turn around.

Granted my life is not what I would like it to be. At best it is rather convenient. Having admitted that I woke up this morning…made a few notes….listened to a great song….and then started my day. And dammit…I feel great! (с) auriolhays.com/spiritual/my-pagan-ass

* THIS is a pen. - IT is a pen. разница * big - large. small - little. разница

выберите правильный вариант

This is very bad cooked.
This is very badly cooked.
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