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problem - trouble - concern - issue. разница

problem - trouble - concern - issue. разница

Problem - слово нейтральное для сложной ситуации.

Trouble - подразумевает разрешаемость ситуации, но нужно приложить усилия.

You can refer to problems or difficulties as trouble.
I had trouble parking...
You've caused us a lot of trouble...
The plane developed engine trouble soon after taking off...
The crew are in serious trouble in 50-knot winds and huge seas...
The Sullivans continued to have financial troubles.

If you say that one aspect of a situation is the trouble, you mean that it is the aspect which is causing problems or making the situation unsatisfactory.
The trouble is that these restrictions have remained while other things have changed...
Your trouble is that you can't take rejection

Concern - озабоченность.

Concern is worry about a situation.
The group has expressed concern about reports of political violence in Africa...
The move follows growing public concern over the spread of the disease...
There is no cause for concern.

Issue - проблема крупного масштаба или просто важный вопрос (часто без идеи проблемности)

An issue is an important subject that people are arguing about or discussing. = subject, matter
Agents will raise the issue of prize-money for next year's world championships...
Is it right for the Church to express a view on political issues?

problem - trouble - concern - issue. разница-

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