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немного и несколько: little - a little - few - a few. разница

а little and little относятся к неисчисляемым существительным, т.е. поштучно несчитабельным.

There's little wine left in the bottle.
I've put a little sugar into your coffee.

а few and few относятся к исчисляемым существительным

There are a few students in that classroom.
He says few applicants have presented themselves.

а little and a few передают позитивную идею. "немного, но в принципе хватит"

I've got a little wine left, would you like some?
They've got a few positions open.

little and few передают негативную идею. "эх, что ж так мало-то..."

He's got little money left.
I have few friends in Chicago.

вставьте одно из четырех вышеупомянутых...

1. Would you like ______ wine with your meal?
2. There is _______ I can do to help you solve your problem.
3. I'd like to try ______ different types of cheese.
4. She had ______ time to prepare, so she did well.
5. I'm afraid I have ______ information on the topic.
6. She said she would like ______ help.
7. Could I borrow _____ dollars?
8. She offered to give him ______ tips.
9. He doesn't really know very much. He knows very ______.
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