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MAKE в ходовых словосочетаниях - наглядная картинка

MAKE в важных частых ходовых словосочетаниях

If you make sure that something is done, you take action so that it is done.
Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully...

If you make sure that something is the way that you want or expect it to be,
you check that it is that way.
He looked in the bathroom to make sure that he was alone...

If something makes sense-смысл, you can understand it.
He was sitting there saying, `Yes, the figures make sense.'

When you make sense of something, you succeed in understanding it.
This is to help her to come to terms with her early upbringing-воспитание
and make sense of past experiences.

If a course of action makes sense, it seems sensible-благоразумным.
It makes sense to look after yourself...
The project should be re-appraised to see whether it made sound economic sense...

If you make use of something, you do something with it in order to do
a job or achieve a particular result or effect. (WRITTEN)
Not all nursery schools make use of the opportunities open to them.
...making use of the same bottle time after time.

The people or things that make up something are the members or parts that form that thing.
North Africans make up the largest and poorest immigrant group in the country...
Insects are made up of tens of thousands of proteins.
= form, constitute

If you make up something such as a story or excuse, you invent-придумываете it,
sometimes in order to deceive-ввести-в-заблуждение people.
I think it's very unkind of you to make up stories about him...
I'm not making it up. The character exists in real life.

If you make yourself up or if someone else makes you up, make-up such as
powder or lipstick is put on your face.
She spent too much time making herself up...
She chose Maggie to make her up for her engagement photographs...
I can't be bothered to make up my face.

If two people make up or make it up after a quarrel-ссора or disagreement,
they become friends again.
She came back and they made up...
They never made up the quarrel...
They should make up with their ex-enemy-враг in the West...
I'll make it up with him again.

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