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Утомляющие других привычки, 14 публичных и 15 в отношениях М-Ж

  • Exaggerating your stories at parties. If you exaggerate, you indicate that something is, for example, worse or more important than it really is.

  • Calling your partner by a baby name in public.

  • Laughing at your own jokes that others don't see as funny.

  • Putting your feet on the furniture.

  • Being drunk.

  • Laughing shrilly.

  • Taking forever to get to the point in a conversation.

  • Making embarassing, humiliating, or degrading remarks about your spouse in public.

  • Responding in baby talk.

  • Criticising your spouse in public.

  • Borrowing in excess.

  • Engaging in childish bickering in public.

  • Flirting with other people of the opposite sex.

  • Asking your spouse to tell you how you look.

  • Making negative comments about what your spouse is wearing.

  • Messing up the car radio stations, or the settings on your home theater set up.

  • Packing too many items on a trip.

  • Taking too long to get ready to leave the house.

  • Boring your spouse by spending too much time shopping.

  • Nagging.

  • Reading emails while talking to your spouse.

  • Being possessive.

  • Spending too much time on the computer.

  • Being bossy.

  • Spending too much money.

  • Using sex as a tool of manipulation.

  • Showing fear when watching a horror film, especially by the guy in the relationship.

  • Having an inability to read a map correctly.

--Tips for Changing Your Own Bad Habits--

  • Don't believe the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." You can break a bad habit if you really want to.

  • Be honest with yourself. Do you have some annoying, nasty habits that are hurting your marriage?

  • Share your feelings about the annoying behaviors with your spouse. Stick to "I feel..." statements.

  • Include your spouse as you brainstorm solutions to your bad habits.

  • Many people find that replacing a bad habit with a positive behavior is easier than just stopping the bad habit.

  • Don't try to change more than one irritating habit at a time.

  • Share your personal goals and expectations with your mate.

  • Share with your mate that you need support and affirmation, not criticism or nagging.

  • Don't be too hard on yourself if you slip up now and then. But don't give up either or coninually make excuses for not achieving your goal.

  • Talk with your spouse about how to reward yourself for quitting a nasty habit. Keep the reward reasonable and achievable both from a monetary and a time perspective. (c) источник

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