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each - every. разница.


EVERY подразумевает массовость: Hello, every student has to bring 50 dollars tomorrow!
а EACH индивидуальность: I spoke with Dima, Sasha and Ivan. Each student can bring 50 dollars.

If you refer to each thing or each person in a group, you are referring to -ссылаетесь на- every member
of the group and considering -считаете- them as individuals: Each book is beautifully illustrated.
You use every to indicate that you are referring to all the members of a group or
all the parts of something and not only some of them:   recipes for every occasion -случай, повод.

EACH может употребляться самостоятельно: two bedrooms, each with three beds.
а EVERY не так может, нужно добавлять ONE: everyone.


[inevitable, avoid, disappointed...]

If something is inevitable, it is certain to happen and cannot be prevented -предотвращено- or avoided*:
The defeat -поражение- had inevitable consequences -последствия- for British policy.

суффиксом -ly мы превращаем прилагательное в наречие: careful внимательный - carefully внимательно

If you avoid something unpleasant that might happen, you take action in order to prevent it from happening:
The pilots had to take emergency -аварийная ситуация- action to avoid a disaster -катастрофу.
If you avoid doing something, you choose not to do it, or you put yourself in a situation
where you do not have to do it:   He was always careful to avoid embarrassment -смущение, неловкая ситуация.

If you are disappointed, you are rather sad because something has not happened or because something
is not as good as you had hoped: Hunters -охотники- won't be disappointed with the Isle of Man.


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