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Trying to Locate Someone

Carmen: Hi, I’m looking for Waldo. I was told that he comes in here from time to time. Have you seen him?

Antonio: Waldo? I haven’t seen him in a while. He comes in sometimes, but it’s pretty hit-and-miss.

Carmen: I can’t seem to pin him down. Every time I think I’m hot on his trail, I’m too late. He’s skipped town or has gone underground.

Antonio: That’s Waldo. He’s the most elusive person I know. I think he actually enjoys playing a game of cat and mouse with people who are trying to locate him.

Carmen: I’m starting to get that feeling. I’ve been trying to track him down for over two months.

Antonio: He does seem to have a sixth sense and knows when to vanish.

Carmen: I’m starting to think he doesn’t really exist and that he’s just a figment of my imagination.

Antonio: It’s funny you should say that. I think his ultimate goal is to be invisible, just another face in the crowd.

вам интересны такого рода аудио ролики?

отлично, давайте побольше.
идея хорошая, но мне слишком сложно.
хотелось бы посложнее.
Tags: слушаем живую речь

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