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30 признаков всесторонне развитого ребенка. EN

Social and Emotional Traits * Cognitive Traits * Language Traits * Additional Traits
Социальная сфера и Эмоциональность * Познавание * Языки * Дополнительно

Social and Emotional Traits
Interested in philosophical and social issues
Very sensitive, emotionally and even physically
Concerned about fairness and injustice
Well-Developed Sense of Humor
Usually intrinsically motivated
Relates well to parents, teachers and other adults

Cognitive Traits
Very Observant
Extremely Curious
Intense interests
Excellent memory
Long attention span
Excellent reasoning skills
Well-developed powers of abstraction, conceptualization, and synthesis
Quickly and easily sees relationships in ideas, objects, or facts
Fluent and flexible thinking
Elaborate and original thinking
Excellent problem solving skills
Learns quickly and with less practice and repetition
Unusual and/or vivid imagination

30 признаков всесторонне развитого талантливого ребенка. EN

Language Traits
Extensive Vocabulary
May Read Early
Reads Rapidly and Widely
Asks "what if" questions

Additional Traits
Enjoys learning new things
Enjoys intellectual activity
Displays intellectual playfulness
Prefers books and magazines meant for older children
Skeptical, critical, and evaluative
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