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John likes Jenny, but he's afraid to ask her out.

His friend Jack is trying to encourage him.
John: Hey, Jack, is Jenny coming with us?
Jack: Yes. Why?
John: Nothing. I'm just asking.
Jack: Just asking? But why is your face burning like mad? Ah-huh, someone has a crush on Jenny, doesn't he?
John: Who has a crush?!
Jack: Come on, John, don't be such a chicken. If you like her, you've got to tell her. Maybe she likes you.
John: But I don't have the guts to ask her out.
Jack: What're you so afraid of?
John: I'd totally die if she turned me down.
Jack: But that's better than keeping everything to yourself. You've got to let her know. Come on! You've got to take a chance!
John: I don't know....Well, maybe, you're right, but how am I going to tell her?

John has a new girlfriend. His friend Jack is envious....
John: Hi, Jack, long time, no see!
Jack: Yeah! How's everything going?
John: Not bad! At least I'm still alive.
Jack: Just alive? I heard you're going out with Jane.
John: Where did you get that idea?
Jack: Oh, come on. Jane is a very nice girl, someone you meet only once in a lifetime.
John: Yeah, you're right. I'm not boasting, but she's really as beautiful as she is intelligent.
Jack: Well, I really envy you for finding such a girl.

вам нравится то, что я важные фразы выделяю жирным?

да, это круто. и диалоги хорошие.
да, это круто. но этот текст слишком легкий
нет, эти выделения отвлекают.
нет. и хотелось бы тексты посложнее.
всё равно. я вообще редко читаю тексты.
просто послушаю других.

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