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Destination - от слова Destiny-Судьба

но точный перевод слова вы не угадаете... мне это слова всегда нравилось.

__mir путешествия 2

A person's destiny is everything that happens to them during their life,
including what will happen in the future, especially when it is considered
to be controlled by someone or something else.
We are masters of our own destiny... = fate

Destiny is the force which some people believe controls the things that happen to you in your life.
Is it destiny that brings people together, or is it accident? = fate

The destination of someone or something is the place to which they are going or being sent.
Spain is still our most popular holiday destination...
Only half of the emergency supplies have reached their destination.

* IF и ещё 11 способов сказать: ЕСЛИ...
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