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I am not sure if it’s worth...

... going to college or university these days. There are so many students applying to universities that there is no guarantee that you leave and get a good job once you’re finished with your studies. I know people with two or more degrees that have no job, or even if they do, it’s only working at a fast food place or a cleaning job, or they’re forced to go and work abroad and possibly take up an inferior job.


* My parents keep telling me to become a teacher. They say there is no other profession where you have so many holidays. You have two months in summer, almost a month in winter, and you also have your spring and fall breaks.
They know that the money teachers get is not the best but then money is not everything. In our family, freedom and independence are more important than money. Besides, I think I have the talent for it and can explain things in a distinct way. Basically, I like students and am patient with them.

* I am going to be a soccer player, that’s what I know for sure. They make..
millions, although they hardly do anything compared to other jobs. If you have a little talent and are hardworking, then you can be successful and make a fortune. On top of that, you become famous too and all the magazines will be filled with your photos.

* I want to run my own business. I want to be my own boss. I don’t want someone else to be my boss and give me orders. I hate always having to adjust to other people. I know my nature that I wouldn’t be able to work with other people, especially if I was an employee. You know, I’m not the type of person that can tolerate others telling me what to do. If I had my own business, I would be independent, could take my holidays every two months, and afford to buy everything.

Besides that, I could have a flexible work schedule. I could decide when to start and finish work, how many hours to work, and on which days. If I didn’t feel like working one day, I could simply skip that day. Besides, as only an employee it is hard to succeed and make progress in life.

* Должностные обязанности офисных работников
* Повседневные дела в течение дня
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