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Apple изобретал хоть что-нибудь?

apple don't invent things ... they take other peoples ideas and commercialise them ...
that's what they are good at .... and that's what a lot of good companies do! ...
Companies are about MONEY not invention .... stamping on your competition is all part of the game

This is fucking stupid. Apple invented MP3 players and the MP4 video format,
why else would iTunes allow mp4 videos on their devices?
They are the tru innovators and invented smartphones with the iPhone.
Plus they invented PCs when they were called Machintosh.
You guys are just hating that Apple and Steve Jobs are the greetest.

Well, Apple might copy and so on. But Apple isn't the only company that copies, so why only talk about Apple copying? I've seen laptops that I at first glance mistook for being a MacBook Air. I've seen tablets that look exactly like the iPad, but turned on its side.

Yes, Apple hasn't made everything "original". But they've managed to put a lot of things together in making it work well. No criticism here that they're the best. But their attitude towards "patents" and "copyright infringement" is sick. No doubt!

This video explains that Apple is a recipe company, not an invention company. This does not mean that they do not innovate, it simply means that they are responsible for less than you think.
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