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IF... ещё 11 способов сказать: ЕСЛИ...

IF. ещё 11 способов сказать ЕСЛИ...

When – когда. выражает большую уверенность в том, что действие произойдет
When Steve calls, tell him I’ll be back in ten minutes.

Unless- если не. употребляется в отрицательных предложениях
Unless you help me, I won’t finish on time.

Providing / provided that - если
I’ll water the flowers provided that I have time today.

As long as- как только
As long as you promise me to be back by midnight, you can go to the party.

On condition that – при условии что…
He agreed to work on Sundays on condition that he was paid overtime.

Suppose / supposing- предположим что…
Suppose you were fired, what would you do?

Otherwise - иначе
We’d better leave now. Otherwise we’ll miss our flight.

Or (else)- иначе
Don’t do that again or else I’ll punish you.

Even if- даже если бы
I wouldn’t go to the party even if they invited me.

In case - в случае….
In case of a fire, sound the alarm.

Should — если. в формальном английском выражают малоимоверность ситуации,
либо же для усиления.
Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

* So and Such. разница
* For - During - Within. разница
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