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How to Respond to a Rude Person

Respond to a Rude Person

Sometimes it is all too easy to answer back rapidly to a rude person with an equally rude response, but all that does is escalate the rudeness and leave both parties feeling frustrated. If you would like to stop this cycle and salve your dignity, it is important to realize that it is the rude person with the problem and not to let it spoil your day.

1. Remain polite. No matter how difficult or nasty the rude person is, respond politely and maintain your dignity.

2. Use manners to overwhelm their rudeness. Ask them this simple question:"Am I offending you somehow? If so, I am really sorry, no offense meant." Most people will be taken aback by this approach and will quickly backtrack to reassure you that you have not offended them.

3. Agree with their rant. Agree that you are stupid for putting them out at that moment in time, agree that you got it wrong, and agree that you could have dressed more appropriately or have been on time. This puts a stop to their rudeness in its tracks. It is hard to keep being rude with someone who agrees with the point of the rudeness.

4. Avoid responding at all. This way you remove the spark that fuels their fire. Just nod and walk off normally. Don't sneer, don't roll your eyes, just be pleasant in your demeanor as your saunter away from them.

5. Understand where they are coming from. Much rudeness is a sign of insecurity, anger, and jealousy. Accept that these rude people have more than average doses of these issues and are trying to take it out on you. It is not smart, nor is it witty; it is rudeness and a guise for not being able to be polite to people.

Tips. Ignore the person. If they said something to you that was meant to put you down then just pretend you didn't hear anything and don't look at them. If they said something and did not get any response back then they are going to feel awkward and just walk away.
If you are not able to be assertive, simply pretend that you did not notice what the rude person said or did not hear them properly. For example, if they point to your watch and say, "Did you get your watch out of a lucky dip" reply, "Ten to five." If a rude person says, "I love your orange shoes," in a sarcastic way, pretend that you thought it was a genuine compliment and say happily, "Thank you!"
Breathe deeply and count to 10 before responding in the heat of the moment. This will help you to rein in any rudeness that you might feel compelled to let loose.

Warnings. Don't take to heart the person who keeps on being rude despite your politeness and assertive stance. This type of person will never accept the error of their ways and will always go off on a rant rather than being compassionate in their interactions with others. Give them wide berth and realize that they use their rudeness as a self-defense against a world of people who raise fear or irritation in them and let them find out their own consequences of behaving so condescendingly. (с) wikihow.com/Respond-to-a-Rude-Person
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