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Who and Whom. разница


very formal English: who - как подлежащее. whom - в прочих местах предложения.
normal English: who в любом месте предложения

There’s a continuing debate in English usage about when you should use who and when to use whom. According to the rules of formal grammar, who should be used in the subject position in a sentence, while whom should be used in the object position, and also after a preposition. For example:

Who made this decision? [here, who is the subject of the sentence]
Whom do you think we should support? [here, whom is the object of support]
To whom do you wish to speak? [here, whom is following the preposition to]


Some people do still follow these rules but there are many more who never use whom at all.
The normal practice in current English is to use who in all contexts, i.e.:

Who do you think we should support?
Who do you wish to speak to?

я использую whom только в предложениях типа
"КТО КОМУ ЧЕГО делает?" кстати, попробуйте перевести это в комментах.
я услышал эту фразу в фильме "Филадельфия", в сцене из зала суда.
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