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hardly - tightly - strongly. разница

правильный ответ на вчерашнее задание - 3й. tightly

_____strongly, tightly, hardly. разница

можно было бы и hard, но тогда это подразумевает дискомфорт для другого человека.
у нас был один вариант - в таком случае выбираем максимально реальный.
hardly - уже совсем другое слово, не связанное с hard и переводится "едва ли".

You use hardly to modify a statement when you want to emphasize that it is
only a small amount or detail which makes it true, and that therefore
it is best to consider the opposite statement as being true.
I hardly know you...
Their two faces were hardly more than eighteen inches apart.

When you say you can hardly do something,
you are emphasizing that it is very difficult for you to do it.
My garden was covered with so many butterflies that I could hardly see the flowers.
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