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Buying nice little things

_Buying nice little things

Anna: Hi Masahiro! How's it going?
Masahiro: Fine, I guess. How about you?
Anna: Busy. Guess who's coming our way?
Will: Hi guys! What's up?
Anna: Nothing much. We just ran into each other.
Will: That's nice. So Masahiro, how's the coffee maker working?
Masahiro: Actually, it doesn't work well. It was a waste of money.
I guess I should have shopped around for a good one.
Anna: Why don't you take it back?
Masahiro: I'd like to, but I've misplaced the receipt.
Will: Well, if it's any consolation, * my shopping…
wasn't all that great either.
I wish I'd never bought Stephanie a necklace.
Just last night she was telling me how she wished she had Liz Taylor's new perfume.
Anna: That makes three displeased shoppers. Guess what?
The camera I bought and shipped to Mike just this morning is now on sale!
It's a pity that I bought it then. Then again, I guess I shouldn't complain.
It was a good buy, even though I didn't get the best deal on it.
Anyway, Masahiro, I suggest you look for that receipt * and just go
to the Complaints Department and say "I'd like to exchange this, please."
It's as simple as that. And Will, it's not too late for you to ask for a refund.

If you console someone who is unhappy about something, you try to make them feel more cheerful.
`Never mind, Ned,' he consoled me...
Often they cry, and I have to play the role of a mother, consoling them...
I can console myself with the fact that I'm not alone...
He consoled himself that Emmanuel looked like a nice boy,
who could be a good playmate for his daughter.

consolation. He knew then he was right, but it was no consolation.

A receipt is a piece of paper that you get from someone as proof that they have received
money or goods from you. In British English a receipt is a piece of paper that you get in a shop
when you buy something, but in American English the more usual term for this is sales slip.

* делаем покупки. 48 фраз с переводом.
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