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210 kg man transformed himself into Mr Muscles.


How 33 stone = 210 kg man went from drowning his sorrows with a bottle of whisky
every night to a super-fit 'Mr Muscles' and found himself a girlfriend too.
- Mike weighed 22st aged 21 and tipped the scales at 33st when he was 29
- Stayed at home drinking alcohol he ordered on the internet
- Driven by depression to take an overdose - but failed to kill himself
- Purchased a cross-trainer online and began working out in his room
- Lost 18st in 18 months and began working out at gym
- Is now personal trainer nicknamed 'Mr Muscles' - and has found a girlfriend

[что такое stone, сокращенно st...]A stone is a measurement of weight, especially the weight of a person,
equal to 14 pounds or 6.35 kilograms. (BRIT)
18 stones = 114 kg

A 33-stone man who was so depressed about being overweight that he tried to end his own life has lost a staggering 18 stone - and so dramatic is his transformation that he is now nicknamed Mr Muscles. Mike Waudby, 31, has also found a beautiful blonde girlfriend, Morgan, who he has been dating for about a year and a half.

Interestingly, Mike says: 'What attracted me to her at the start is that she mentioned she hates people who judge others based on their appearance.'

Hiding from the world in his bedroom, Mike would order alcohol online... and have it delivered to his home, wasting his days watching television and browsing the internet.

Speaking to Mail Online Mike says that his diet was never excessive.

'I live at home and I'd generally have cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and then whatever my mum cooked for dinner.

'The weight gain came from the alcohol. I would drink an entire bottle of whisky and about six cans of lager every night.

'If I ran out of whisky I could drink up to 18 cans of lager, so I was consuming about 3,000 calories in alcohol every day.

Mike Waudby weighed 22 stone by the age of 21 and by the time he was 29 he tipped the scales at 33 stone.

Morbidly obese Mike became so down about his weight that he took an overdose to end his suffering.

But surviving the suicide attempt proved to be a turning point for Mike, from Hull East Yorks, who has since lost over half his bodyweight.

Before and after: Mike was once asked to leave a bar by a group of girls who cruelly told him he was making them 'feel sick'. Mike is now fighting fit and says he's been given a 'new lease of life'

'That was the last time I went out in public, apart from going to the doctor, for seven years.'

Now a personal trainer and nicknamed Mr Muscles, Mike, 31, is urging others not to get into the same situation he found himself in.

He said: 'By the age of 21, I weighed 22 stone. I used to go out but, one night, a girl came up to me and asked me to leave the bar I was in. I asked why and she told me I was making her and her friends feel sick.

'I'd also end up eating sandwiches or about four slices of white bread late at night as the drinking made me hungry.'

Though Mike previously had several jobs including car valeting and as a supermarket security guard his increasing weight soon meant he was unable to work and he became increasingly isolated.

He said: 'One night, while listening to Guns N’ Roses, I thought to myself, "What kind of a life is this?"

'I had terrible pains but I was too scared to go to the gym and do anything about my weight, as people pointed and laughed at me in the street.

'I thought, "stuff it", and drank two bottles of whisky, eight cans of Stella and as many tablets as I could find.

'I remember waking up, no headache, no pains, just a sickening feeling that I was still here and not dead.'

Then, one night, reality set in for Mike and he decided it was time to take control of his life.

'I had wasted everything and lost everything and the only person who could do something about it was me,' he said.

Mike, now 13 stone with a muscular physique, initially lost weight using just a cross-trainer in his room

Mike ordered a cross-trainer on the internet, set it up in his room and set to work.

He gradually built up his stamina to three one-hour sessions a day and stopped drinking altogether.

Mike said: 'Every session on the cross-trainer ended up with me taking my XXXXL dripping wet T-shirt off and just looking down at my belly crying. But, each time, I picked myself up and carried on.'

It took 18 months for Mike, now 31, to lose 18 stone. But he was still left with a major problem – his loose skin.

'I felt just as disgusting as I did when I weighed 33 stone. I needed to do something, and I ended up paying for skin on my stomach and upper arms to be removed.'

The operation removed some of the excess skin but Mike was not satisfied with the end result.
It is little wonder that Mike has now earned the nickname Mr Muscles

It is little wonder that Mike has now earned the nickname Mr Muscles

Mike decided to join a gym to tone up properly - and enjoyed working out so much he strove to make it his career.

Demonstrating his new found body confidence Mike has shared his progress on his Facebook page, posting a series of pictures of himself throughout his dramatic weight loss alongside the caption ‘Trained my f****** ass off!’.

In response to the highly complimentary comments Mike says that he feels he still has some way to go in honing his physique.

‘Well done doesn't seem to cut it. One hell of an accomplishment,’ one message read. Mike responded: ‘Thanks everyone, really appreciate the kind words.

‘Have a long way to go yet, gotta (sic) pack on more muscle to fill that skin. Just gonna (sic) take time and effort. Need my head in the right place to finish the fight.’

Mike also has posted images of his new healthy lifestyle with pictures of high-protein snacks and bread as well as himself hard at work in the gym.

'I try and consume about 250g of protein a day now and eat only what you would describe as clean food,' Mike told MailOnline.

'I do treat myself to the occasional take away and a couple of beers at the weekends but I never get drunk anymore.' he says.

Despite his amazing transformation, Mike admits he still has insecurities.

He says: 'My loose skin still really affects me, especially around my hips. It makes me very nervous and paranoid.

'When I run and jump I can feel moving and it feels likes flab to me.

'I always feel people are staring at it.

'I think I look better with my clothes on as then you can't see the skin, though people say they don’t notice it.

'I do get disappointed I can’t be like everyone who trains as hard as me, but you just have to get on with it.'

Now Mike, who says he is still getting used to his new body shape, has qualified as a personal trainer and is looking for his first clients.

'Losing weight has not only given me a new lease of life, it has actually given me a life,' he said.

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