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Skill Building


[толкование слова SKILL]A skill is a type of work or activity which requires special training and knowledge.
Most of us will know someone who is always learning new skills, or studying new fields.

Skill is the knowledge and ability that enables you to do something well.
The cut of a diamond depends on the skill of its craftsman.

Here’s a bad and prevalent approach to skill building: beginning to build a skill just a few days before going into the situation where you’ll need it. I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s way too late. For the most part, you’re beating a dead horse.

Most skills that matter require at least a few weeks to improve significantly. Sometimes they require a few months. There are only marginal improvements that you can achieve in a few days. Which, yes, is better than nothing, but it’s not much..

Case in point: I often get emails from people who will have a job interview in just a couple of days and they feel a lot of anxiety, plus they lack the skill of presenting themselves effectively at an interview. And they want my help to fix this.

The problem is that interview skills and confidence take some serious work to develop. It involves gradual conceptual learning, role-plays, practice interviews, feedback and steady adjustment, a process which can stretch over 2 or 3 months.

One or two days before their most important interview, all I can do is to offer someone a few quick tips and that’s about it. And that will help, but honestly, it won’t make a big difference.

So when you’re in this type of a situation, you’re in trouble. And there is not much that you can do except to accept this, assume the consequences, and learn your lesson so you won’t make the same mistake again. Hopefully, having read this, you won’t make this mistake in the first place. (c) Eduard Ezeanu

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