Vладiмiр (1way_to_english) wrote,

две иностранки о советской Ялте и современной Жемчужине.

первая говорит на русском, а та, что, слева - под катом 1 минуту на английском.
и кстати, отдых (у моря) - вовсе не REST. ниже расписано, как именно.

If you rest or if you rest your body, you do not do anything active for a time.
He's tired and exhausted, and has been advised to rest for two weeks...
Try to rest the injured limb as much as possible.

If you get some rest or have a rest, you do not do anything active for a time.
`You're worn out, Laura,' he said. `Go home and get some rest.'...

Recreation consists of things that you do in your spare time to relax.
Saturday afternoon is for recreation and outings...

Recreational means relating to things people do in their spare time to relax.
...parks and other recreational facilities.
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