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в отношении чего-то. as to something.

ответ на вчерашнее задание.

______AS TO WHY

You use as to to indicate what something refers to.
They should make decisions as to whether the student needs more help...

You use as for and as to at the beginning of a sentence in order to introduce
a slightly different subject that is still connected to the previous one.
I feel that there's a lot of pressure put on policemen. And as for putting guns in their hands,
I don't think that's a very good idea at all.

If you keep doing something, you do it repeatedly or continue to do it.
I keep forgetting it's December...
I turned back after a while, but he kept walking...

Keep on means the same as keep.
Did he give up or keep on trying?...

хотя пишут, что разницы нет, я использую keep on, когда показываю продолжение
после какой-то паузы или раздумий. и просто keep, когда это делаю постоянно.
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