July 29th, 2014


тест на использование глагола STOP

This policy is supposed

to stop people buy foreign cars.
to stop people to buy foreign cars.
to stop that people buy foreign cars.
to stop people from buying foreign cars.
нет правильного варианта
послушаю других

* Stop smoking - Stop to smoke. разница * 3 значения слова SUPPOSED
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Приезжая в Таиланд, будьте готовы к тому,

что тайцы думают о вас. О вас лично, как о русском человеке.
Я живу на Пхукете 3 года и вот несколько стереотипов, которые цветут в головах местных жителей о НАС.

Стереотип 1.
Диалог в парикмахерской, Таиланд, Пхукет:
- Where are you from? - Russia
- ... You don't look like Russian, you look like a Normal European. - Why?
- Russians are rude or drink too much or wear sexy clothes. Collapse )


10 признаков возможного жульничества в турагенстве

Top 10 Signs of a Possible Travel Scam.
A scam is an illegal trick, usually with the purpose of
getting money from people or avoiding paying tax

10 признаков возможного жульничества в турагенстве

1. Advance Payment is Required Without a Written Contract. Travel payments often are made before a trip, but you are entitled to a written contract stating the product(s) for which you are paying. This is true whether it's a deposit or payment-in-full. Scammers often attempt to gain your trust with friendly phone pitches that result in credit card transactions. Reputable vendors will always spell out their offers in writing.

2. Transactions by Courier Service Rather than Post Office. Anyone who insists on transacting travel business using only a courier service should be treated with suspicion. It's quite possible they're trying to avoid mail fraud statutes.

3. Transaction Can Only Be Carried Out by Telephone. There are reputable travel firms Collapse )