July 19th, 2014

but fuck

People's opinions are like assholes

Everyone's got one, and due to not minding one's own... some stink. Perception and feelings change like waves... never consistent... so why waste so much time and thought into what someone thinks. (c) Angela Ornelas

* это лучший коммент под картинкой, что ниже. Perception and feelings change like waves. - Восприятие и чувства меняются, как волны. очень правильная мысль. я на себе это замечаю. что казалось правильным вчера, sucks сегодня. поэтому * постоянно пересматривай свою Карту Мира
на тему того, как легко можно оказаться неправым, вот * притча про пачку печенья
на тему прав-не-прав в политике, вот * притча от Сократа о трех ситах


[толкование слова STINK]To stink means to smell extremely unpleasant.
Get away from me–your breath stinks...
The place stinks of fried onions...
The pond stank like a sewer.

* что значит и откуда пошло словечко SUCK
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глаголом жечь сердца людей

умел железнокованно Маяковский
и ты, блогер, поскорей
отбрось ветшалые обноски
своих уикендовких идей -
страна творческого пыла просит
для мартеновских печей
среди военной ночи!

Вы любите розы?
а я на них срал!
стране нужны паровозы,
нам нужен металл!
... не охай,
не ахай!
не дёргай узду!
коль выполнил план,
посылай всех
в п**ду
не выполнил —

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One Week Without The Kids - 6 Things Learnt


A mother of three reveals the surprising patterns that emerged when she suddenly had the house - and her life -
all to herself.

Earlier this summer, I was feeling stretched. I’d been racing toward a book deadline in addition to plodding through my normal gigs. My husband had been traveling overseas a lot, leaving me to solo-parent our three small kids (ages 7, 4, 2). Our extra sitters disappeared for the summer, and right in the middle of this, we were supposed to hang out with my husband’s extended family for a week at the beach in North Carolina.

I told my husband that I needed to work during our vacation. I hoped he would be supportive of this. His answer: “Okay. You could also just stay in Philly.”

At first, this sounded crazy. Send him off on a seven-hour road trip with the three kids? But soon I saw the wisdom of his offer. Once he made the journey, he’d have his mom to help. Whereas my need to work meant I’d be a lousy vacation companion. So it came to be that I loaded the crew in the car on Saturday, June 28. I watched them pull out of the driveway. And then, in the quiet, I realized that I had the house to myself--my life to myself--for a full 168 hours.

If you’ve got kids, you know how rare this is. I’ve traveled for work, but work travel means hotels and meetings. This was my first extended time at home, mostly alone, in seven years. It let me answer that question of what my life would look like if I didn’t have a passel of little ones around. Here’s what I learned: Collapse )

* 10 уроков из своих экспериментов c продуктивностью * 30 признаков всесторонне развитого ребенка. EN
* 50 вещей, которым Джина Мэджорс хочет научить свою дочь * Три кита жизнестойкости

because - as - since - due to - out of. разница

because — потому что - союз - вводит придаточное предложение.
Be nice to people on your way up because
you’ll meet them on your way down.

because of — из-за - предлог - вводит существительное.
All wrong-doing arises because of mind.
If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?

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[касательного вчерашнего ... due to he didn't have a witness...]due to - это предлог, он не может вводить придаточное предложение.

because - дословно be-cause, т.е. быть причиной:


* Логика предлога ТО * Логика глагола GET, объясняющая его 50+ значений
* Английские предлоги после конкретных слов. 40 случаев
* speak / talk TO - speak / talk WITH. разница