October 4th, 2013


чтобы спросить о человеке, есть 4 вопроса:

How is he? - о переменных признаках. здоровье, дела дома и на работе, настроение.
What is he like? - о постоянных чертах характера и внешности.
What does he look like? - о внешности. физические характеристики, иногда и одежда.
What does he like? - о хобби и интересах.

__what is she like

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* наоборотистые глаголы. плюс ещё одно значение слова like - подобный, как.
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Why I'm glad I'll never have to wear a corset.

PHOTO: left - healthy female body, right - female body deformed by a corset.

Back in the day of Corsets, women were going for that “Hour Glass Figure”. And by doing so, it meant wearing a string-drawn corset that would literally SQUEEZE the guts out of them. Well, not actually squeeze your guts out, but shove them all down into positions that are not normal, nor healthy!

Strained organs, compressed rib cages, and serious health issues with respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems are just some of the proven causes from wearing corsets..Collapse )